We recommend paying through CSAware member dashboard. We do not store any of your personal or financial information on our website. Our order site is run through CSAware and your information is stored securely using Authorize.net.  However, you may choose to pay by check, cash or credit card at the Farm Stand.

Vacation and Suspension Holds

You may put your account on hold by logging into your CSAware account and making changes before your order deadline. Your account will not be charged while your delivery is on hold. 

CSA Refund Policy

Unfortunately, Farm Box shares are not refundable. Please consider your eating habits and work/home schedule before deciding to sign up for the Farm Box Program.

The philosophy of entering into a Community Supported Agriculture partnership with a farm is such that you 'buy' a share of the farm before the season begins and in doing so, you assume the benefits of abundance as well as the down sides, such as a crop loss.  If a certain crop is growing plentiful, we give you more in your box. While we do our very best to plant a large variety of crops to fit all of our customers, if we have a loss on a crop, you also share in that loss and we have to substitute for another item.  

Another key component of becoming a Farm Box shareholder is that by doing so at the beginning of each season, you are providing the farmer with start up capital in the time that it is most needed. Your investment helps purchase seeds, transplants, infrastructure and equipment repairs, and much, much more.

You may cancel your subscription at the end of your billing quarter. If you have truly extenuating circumstances with personal health or a move out of our service area we will certainly offer you a refund.

Add-On Refund Policy

If you purchased an add-on item(s) and it was not up to your standards then we will refund the price or replace it with a like or similar product. Please contact april@sandnstraw.com to begin this process.

Shipping/Delivery Policy

Sand n Straw Community Farm does not ship or deliver items.

Privacy Policy

Sand n Straw Community Farm will not sell/trade/share any of your personal information.